Welcome to Love Trees™ Plant Nutrients!

“Large Scale Agriculture Technology for Commercial Cultivation!”

Love Trees is a concentrated high performance plant nutrient line developed in the heart of Central California. We offer natural and organic hydroponic fusion products that are compatible for all crop production applications.

Our products contain patented diverse ingredients for maximum nutrient uptake. Extensive testing and customer feedback guarantee enhanced flowering potential, explosive root growth, increased fruit density and maximized brix levels. Our proprietary 1, 2, 3 formulations allow beginners and experts to achieve Successful Growing in all grow mediums!

Love Trees has been designed and analyzed within the United States by scientists with over 50+ combined years of experience within Plant Science, Microbiology, Agronomics, Hydroponics, Organics and Horticulture.



“Fewer Bottles, More Love” Introducing Cal-Si-Mag:


1. Bio available silica for heat and stress resistance.
2. Resolves common calcium or magnesium deficiencies in your garden.
3. Increased chlorophyll levels for maximized plant production.
4. Thicker cell walls for stronger plants.
5. Enhanced root mass for larger yields.

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